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Chery reveals next-gen PHEV technology

Dealers and media visit Chery Mega Factory Chery used the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry…

Dealers and media visit Chery Mega Factory

Chery used the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition to reveal its third-generation plug-in hybrid electric vehicle platform (PHEV).

The new PHEV platform is being showcased less than 12 months after Chery first unveiled the engineering innovations that have made the new platform possible.

The interactive display at the Shanghai Auto Show was created to demonstrate both the design of the drivetrain, the underlying platform and the intelligent programming that make the system so efficient.

Highly efficient engine

At the heart of the PHEV system is the fifth-generation ACTECO engine.

This engine was designed specifically for use in a hybrid petrol-electric application and has a deep Miller-cycle combustion system that recycles exhaust gasses for a second pass, through the combustion chamber. This not only cleans the emissions, but also ensures that remnants of the injected fuels are burned for greater efficiency.

The ACTECO engine also uses intelligent, immediately adaptable i-HEC combustion management and a high-efficiency turbo charger to offer a thermal efficiency in excess of 44.5%. This is the highest thermal efficiency for any engine on the Chinese market.

The new hybrid system further shows Chery’s proprietary, new three-speed Dual Hybrid Transmission. Using intelligent engineering and transmission mapping, this transmission has nine different operating modes and 11 combined gear steps for great fuel economy and ultra-smooth travel.

For the Chery Group, this display in Shanghai is an important step in its “Technology Chery” programme. This programme showcases Chery  as an engineering-driven company with unique expertise and technology in the fields of efficient internal combustion, hybrid management technology, electric vehicle systems and even hydrogen propulsion.

Technology Chery on display

To emphasise the scope and speed of Chery’s technological advancement, the group invited international dealers and media to visit its Chery Intelligent Connected Mega Factory near the Auto Show venue.

The factory is equipped with large laboratories that develop and test new technologies alongside the manufacturing facility. Together, this factory and research laboratories cover 830 000 square metres, of which 550 000 square metres is under roof.

The facility manufactures ten different vehicles and has an annual production capacity of over 300 000 units. It also builds 200 000 automotive parts per year.

To make this possible, Chery has invested in the development of manufacturing robots and equipment that uses artificial intelligence to control quality and speed up production. Over 300  robots are used in the manufacturing facility.

While most of the robots at the Mega Factory are used on the production line, several robots are also employed in the final quality inspection stage, where they can detect imperfections at an accuracy of 0.1 millimetres.

During the visit, the guests commended Chery for its investment in green technology, recycling and intelligent production management to reach zero emission status.

The guests also welcomed the Mega Factory’s status as one of the largest crash testing and noise, vibration and harshness testing centres in Asia. It is testing at this facility, and other Chery facilities, that has led to the five-star crash test rating of modern Chery Group vehicles and their record of only 34 decibels (as silent as a library) at idle speed on some models.


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